Accent Solar Lighting

Once an expensive way to bring electricity to places difficult to bring power to otherwise, solar power has become a highly flexible way to light the outside of your home and your garden.

Solar lights are a great way to accent your home. There’s no need to run wiring; you can put the lights where they will do the most good. Installation may be as simple as driving a stake. You don’t need huge solar panels either. Each light has a small solar panel installed that provides all the electricity it needs. They turn themselves on as well when it gets dark, so you don’t have to think about it at all after installation.

Solar garden lights most often use an LED to create the light. These use relatively little power, making them perfect for this use. The lights may run anywhere from a few hours to the entire night, depending on the particular model. Some models have backup batteries so they can run longer, which can be a good advantage if you live in an area where you have less sunlight at some times of the year.

Don’t think you’re limited much by style with solar lights either. They come in a beautiful range of attractive styles that will go with just about any home.

Solar accent lighting is popular for marking paths, but you can also buy solar path lights or even lighting for doorways. You can even get whimsical statues with solar lights.

Solar accent lights are easy to maintain. You may occasionally have to clean the solar panels with a little water, but otherwise they rarely need maintenance. If a light cleaning doesn’t do the job, check the instructions to see what other steps you can take.

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