Going Solar in the Garden

The garden is one of the easiest places to start using solar energy. It not only keeps garden lighting from adding to your power bill, it's easier to install. And garden lights, even when solar powered, have improved tremendously over these past few years.

Your typical garden light uses a silicon based photovoltaic cell to collect energy during the day. The energy is stored in a battery, and used by the light when a sensor determines that it is dark enough.

Most garden lights are still not terribly bright. They're not intended to light up your yard; rather they are intended to light a path or to accent a garden. However, some use multiple LEDs, making them brighter.

One of the great advantages is how easy it is to move the lights around. You aren't limited by your original layout. This also makes it easier to care for the lawn and other plants that may be around your light. If it's too much in the way, all you have to do is move it!

This also translates into simpler planning. You can decide after you buy your lights where they're going to go. No need to spend time wiring and planning, hoping that the results will be as you pictured them.

While many of the popular styles of solar garden lights are installed with posts or stakes in the ground, you aren't limited to that choice. You can also select lights to be installed on walls or fence posts.

There's more than just garden lights. If you have a pond or pool, you can light it up attractively with floating solar lights. These are delightful if you do a little swimming at night or if you want your pond to be attractive as you entertain friends and enjoy your yard.

There are some things you need to think about when you get solar lighting. Detail such as whether you want amber or white light. Most people of course prefer white light, as it feels brighter, but amber can be more subtle, and certainly has it's place. Make sure you know which you are getting when you buy your garden lights.

Using solar lights in your garden gives you flexibility as you make your garden more functional and attractive by night. The range of products means you can express yourself and get creative in how you use these lights. They can give you an entirely new appreciation of how lovely your garden can be.

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